50% off 2019 Classes!

Hey all, we have a Christmas tradition of helping you obtain affordable training in the New Year!  Our weekend classes will remain $200 this year and we have have added some new week-long classes as well.  When you pay your $100 during Christmas, we will email you a code to take $200 off any class that we will offer in 2019.

Our 2019 calendar is not up but will be soon.  You can expect the following NEW offerings in 2019.

  • Instructor/Apprenticeship course.  The time has come.  We have had many requests for an instructor program over the years.  We will be offering a week-long course as well as online content just for those interested in guiding others in the outdoors.  You will be able to do most of your training from home.
  • Master Woodsman Class.  Learn how to go over and beyond the hobby of bushcrafting.  In this course, we will use tools ranging from chisels to chainsaws and everything in between.  We will teach tree and wood identification, how to be a good steward of the forest, terrain analysis and association,  wilderness navigation utilizing plants and trees, and lots more.
  • Communications and Signaling will cover the use of ham and other radios for communication needs.  This course will also cover the practices and gear of signaling for rescue.
  • Tough Enough?.  This course will be a week-long forest immersion course for high-school aged persons interested in challenging themselves.  It will include educational opportunities and challenging tasks each day.  Participants will work solo and in teams to set and obtain goals.   This course will be an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning how to embrace hardship and learn how to grow from it.  Those that are working towards becoming first responders (military, law enforcement, EMS, Fire, SAR) will particularly find this training useful.  This course was designed based upon our many years of experience teaching first responders similar material.  Although it has that background, the lessons learned will be applicable to any of life’s goals in which the person wants to be the type that takes the initiative to make things better.

There may be some others, but you can be sure we will also have our regular course schedule that includes:

  • Wilderness Safety and Survival
  • Bushcrafting
  • Scout/Tracking
  • Land Navigation

Our goal is to always serve you at affordable rates.  Our classes will be $200 for 2019, but you can buy a ticket to any of our NRS classes between now and Christmas for only $100!  That is 50% off..it is our way of helping you get in the woods and to do so as often as you can.  With that said THESE ARE VERY LIMITED.  So jump on them now!  Use the button below and as always…come on, join in, let’s learn together!  You can pay with all major credit cards or your paypal account.

Choose this button to get buy your 50% discount code:


We cannot thank you enough for the trust you put into us to provide educational and enriching courses in or about the outdoors.  We hold it as a sacred trust that you do so and will continually work towards improving all the people that we work with.   Have a wonderful holiday season!

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