Get Home Bag, Hill People Gear Essentials – LIVE event

Note:  This blog piece is a talking points piece that we will follow for our Facecbook Live videos.  It lists the products that Craig intends on covering during the show.  If other products are discussed due to questions, or need further explanation.  We will adjust this after the live show.

UPDATE:  Here is the video uploaded to youtube


Packs Discussed:

Carried on me:

Hill People Gear

  • Umlindi
  • M2016 Butt Pack
  • Original KitBag V2 (the painted one)
  • Heavy Recon Kit Bag (Multicam, Coyote versions)
  • Prarie Belt
  • Tara Pocket
  • Tara Insert

In the Buttpack

In the Chest Kit Bag

In the Main Pack

On Prarie Belt #2






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